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My job as a composer is to tell a story—a story that you envisioned. Whether it is a film, video game, or theatre production, I help to communicate the feel and emotions of your project through music.

Music has an essential, unique role of being a guiding force, shaping the medium to which it is applied in considerable ways and I greatly enjoy being an integral part of this process. I find value in the collaborative nature of composing and appreciate working with others throughout the creation process.

I look forward to working with you.

Erick Schroder is a film, theater, and video game composer originally from San Diego, California.  His compositions have included works for vocal and instrumental soloists, choral groups, stage musicals, jazz, and orchestral ensembles.  Erick’s passion for music developed at an early age through his attendance of local musical theater productions.  Throughout the years, he served as the musical director for numerous stage productions.  After several years in the musical theater industry, his musical interests expanded to include the world of composition and film scoring.

Erick attended Point Loma Nazarene University where he received his degree (B.M.) in Music Composition.  He later went on to attend the prestigious Scoring for Motion Picture and Television Program at the University of Southern California. While attending USC, Erick honed his composition skills under the guidance of Bruce Broughton, Frederick Weidmann, Garry Schyman, and Jack Smalley.  In 2012, Erick was granted the valuable opportunity to be mentored by Emmy and Grammy winning composer James Newton Howard.  He also has had the distinct pleasure of working alongside John Debney and Christopher Young in various scoring workshops.  In 2013, Erick was one of twelve internationally selected composers to be accepted into the renowned ASCAP scoring workshop. He recently worked with NBC on their show Siberia and provided mock-ups for a new Disney film.



Erick Schroder’s Music





Cadia: The World Within (2018)
Directed by Cedric Gegel

Quest for Beauty (2018)
Directed by Cris Saur

Heal (2018)
Directed by Elizabeth Blake-Thomas

Astro (2018)
Directed by Asif Akbar

No Man’s Land (2018)
Directed by Micah Lyons

Sounds of Silence (2018)
Directed by Elizabeth Blake-Thomas

Maybe I’m Fine (2018)
Directed by Elizabeth Blake-Thomas

Sustained (2017)
Directed by Jamall McMillan

Sand Angels (2017)
Directed by Elizabeth Blake-Thomas

Nations Fire (2017)
Directed by Thomas Churchill

The Runners (2017)
Directed by Micah Lyons

Pretty Broken (2017)
Directed by Brett Eichenberger

Sparks (2017)
Directed by Tony Ducret

Leauge of Legend Keepers (2017)
Directed by Elizabeth Blake-Thomas

Pretty Outrageous (2017)
Directed by Elizabeth Blake-Thomas

Dreams I Never Had (2017)
Directed by Iyad Hajjaj

Tonight at the Chateau (2017)
Directed by Tony Ducret

Ananas Comosus (2017)
Directed by Tyler Nisbet

7 (2016)
Directed by Gareth Fient

Bella Donna (2016)
Directed by Christopher Basile

Go Tell It On The Molehill (2016)
Directed by Tyler Nisbet

Olde E (2016)
Directed by Xavier Burgin

On Time (2016)
Directed by Xavier Burgin

Treintanera (2016)
Directed by Diego Londono

The Deal (2016)
Directed by Michael Coulumbe

Christmas Visitations (2015)
Directed by Gareth Fient

Tomorrow’s Dream (2015)
Directed by David Gould

Paya (2015)
Directed by Jenna Cavelle

Wasteland Walker (2015)
Directed by Duxiao Zhu

The Long Goodbye(2015)
Directed by Haihua Ma

I Bee-lieve You Can Fly (2015)
Directed by Jabril Mack

Lodgers (2015)
Directed by Eric Leja

Son Of A Barman (2014)
Directed by Bennett Lasseter

Mush (2014)
Directed by Yoonhee Ye

The Audition (2014)
Directed by Ambika Leigh

The Speech (2014)
Directed by Brian Gaskill

Customer Service Agent (2013)
Directed by Antonia De Barros

1 On 1 (2013)
Directed by Xavier Burgin

To The Meadow (2013)
Directed by Eric Fernandez

Max Spooks (2013)
Directed by Evan Harbuck

The Paper Diamond (2012)
Directed by Edward Kim

He’s On His Way (2012)
Directed by Alex Parslow

Convergence (2012)
Directed by Tyler Robinson

Fable (2012)
Directed by Edgar Rosa

Craigslist (2011)
Directed by Jason Shoupe

For Appearances Sake (2011)
Directed by Sean Conde

Conniption Entertainment Promotional Video (2011)
Directed by Michael Seltmann


Towers of War (2008)
Produced by Conniption Entertainment

Smoke Monster (2008)
Produced by Conniption Entertainment

Zombie Invasion 2 (2009)
Produced by Conniption Entertainment

Attack of the Gummies (2012)
Produced by Kaio Interactive

Full Assault (2012)
Produced by Chris Fairchild

Outlasting The Dead (2012)
Produced by Chad Dulac

Voice In The Garden (2013)
Produced by Lily Chou

Erick Schroder Conducting


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